How much is a high fake Yeezy 350? The unknown information is exposed here!

There are several levels of the high fake Yeezy Boost 350 as this sneaker is so classic and its demand is so large. There come many high fake sneaker manufacturers. For now, there are 5 manufacturers that are well recognized by people. If you are buying only one or two pairs, you don’t need to go to the manufacturers. The manufacturers are not willing to sell you only one or two pairs. As different manufacturers have different techniques and equipments, there are many different levels of the high fake aj4.

The highest leveled aj4 costs about 400RMB, which is real standard and real leather. There is also high fake leathered version, which costs more than 300RMB. This version has three different prices. Besides, the one that has *** only share the similar outline with the real one. As for its comfort, you can guess that. After all, quality goes with the price. Aj4 high fake and the fake versions are all fake sneakers. It depends on what you real need. If you care about the quality and comfort, you must go for the high level. If you only care about the appearance, then you can choose *** version. If you care both the price and the comfort, then the super fake version is your choice.

If I’m buying, I will choose the highest leveled version. Anyway it is very worthy compared to the real ones.

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