The 3D printed running sneaker Futurecraft 4D is being released, priced at 2600RMB, will you buy one?

Since the exposure, the new sneaker — Futurecraft 4D, which is applied with the 3D printing technique by adidas, has been regarded as the most popular sneaker with high-tech in the field. Now the polar bear gets good news that this sneaker will be released in March 2018, priced at 400USD (about 2600RMB). And the supplied quantity will be much larger, which is about 100 thousand pairs. (although it is a small number compared to the number of customers all over the world)

Although the first players of Futurecraft 4D points out that the re-release of the sneaker is mainly for the friends and families of adidas, the onlookers have already regarded 2018 as the year of 4D. besides, this release would be the same as before, and people can book the sneaker via an APP. The best way is to pay close attention to their every single action until asidas announce the news officially.

Futurecraft 4D is developed on the basis of another sneaker — 3DRunner, which was released in 2015. The key highlights of this sneaker is the DLS 3D printing technique, which is from Carbon Company in US, and that it is made of EPU40 materials. It is not only innovative in style but also provides a very comfort wearing sense.

Adidas indicates that the application of DLS technique can make the manufacturing period 1/9 of the original period. For now, it takes about 90 mins for them to manufacture one shoe sole. But if they uses the new equipments co-developed with Carbon, the time will be shorten to 20 min. besides, the production and quality of the new tech are as good as the traditional processing. With the help of CarbonSpeedCell system (M1 and M2 CLIP printing machine and the smart cleaning machine for printing), they realize the design which is considered as impossible before. Also, it can help skip the tooling and mould two traditional stages to produce directly.

It is worth mentioning that in the re-releasing of the Futurecraft 4D, adidas will work with Invincible, a fashion brand in Taiwan. Invincible has worked with Nike, NewBalance and other brands.

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