The production of Yeezy 350 stops, for there are too many fake sneakers?!

Recently, those who pay close attention to the sneaker field might be shocked by this picture. On the tombstone, It has not only the 「Yeezy Boost 350 V2」style but also letters of 「24/10/2016 – 1/1/2018」.

Those who are smart enough would find that this picture is made from two. However, the information master– YeezySEASON2 indicates that the production of Yeezy 350 might stop. Should adidas stop releasing the new colors of 350 V2? From the previous news posted by this account, it is of high possibility that this news is true. Seeing this information, internet users cannot stay calm:

Yeezy Boost 350 V2, just like a bomb, shocks the whole sneaker field. U-shaped style, with so many strange colors, re-new what people know about the sneakers. Except the special designs, its prices also surprise people. From the white zebra, which rising all the people buying, to ice blue color version, which has few people buying, the future of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is not that good.

Since the beginning of 2018, we have had little information on 350 V2. While the new sneaker — Yeezy 500 has risen many topics. According to Kanye’s personality, he would release many new colors for V2 from the beginning of this year. However, the trends of this year are not as good as those of past years.

These years, the releasing quantity of Yeezy Boost is not as limited as before. Only in China, there are more than 30 stores selling Yeezy with so many colors. In this way, Yeezy has so many fake ones. And the sales volume of the sneaker of some city in Fujian has a new breakthrough. Now you can see all kinds of Yeezy in the street, which should be limited versions.

Some company in German worked with LTD. to investigate the sales of Yeezy on Taobao, and the results are just as expected: there are 6 fake sneakers among 7 sneakers sold out!

Except the 1:6 fake to real ratio, the prices are also unbelievable. You can get a The low-leveled version sneaker at 200RMB, and even the 1:1 replicas only costs 1000RMB.

From the limited quantity releasing to mass production, 350 V2 sneaker, in the hungry marketing strategy, begun to go down. The crazy releasing of the colors makes the sneakerheads love but hate the sneaker at the same time.

However, on April 26th, Kanye post on his Twitter that we will have 160 positions available to the end of this year, and that Yeezy will earn $1 billion USD, whose growth is the second fastest ever in the history. He also post another one just few minutes later :” I make more money on shoes than Michael Jordan.” The reason why he posts this message is that he considers himself as the one who earn most profits in the sneaker market. This speech is really surprising and on the other hand, it seems he is reacting to the news that the production of Yeezy 350 would stop.

The production of Yeezy 350 stops, for there are too many fake Yeezys?!

Although we don’t know if the news is true, it is of high possibility according to the sings we have seen. Those who have 350 V2 should take good care of this sneaker!

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