Kanye again opens his shoe cabinet, and tells you which Yeezy would be the most popular next!

It is really mysterious that Kanye’s social network Instagram is getting through the opening and closing issue. When his Instagram is opened again, he post much information just lie what he does on Twitter. But to people’s surprise, Kanye shows his own shoe cabinet, which make every fan so excited. What’s worth mentioning is that this time he shows the daily match! First of all, the cream white Yeezy Boost 350 V2, which is just released, comes into our eyes. This sneaker has made it possible that every one can have a Yeezy, realizing his promise. Although the price in the second hand market is not that good, every fan who loves Yeezy or support Kanye wouldn’t give up because of the price. Another sneaker is the Yeezy basketball sneaker, which you must pay attention to. It has been proved that this sneaker is worn these days. What’s worth our attention is that the release of this single product is still not decided yet, which adds more unknowns. And here comes the question: will Nick Young himself show the sneaker in the coming NBA matches?

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